A MEMBER of Cremona Congregational Church is one who has been accepted into full membership on the basis of:
(a) having been baptized into a recognized Christian church,
(b) being in agreement with the STATEMENTS OF FAITH, POLITY AND DOCTRINE of Cremona Congregational Church,
(c) having professed their faith in Jesus Christ before the congregation.
MEMBERS are entitled to full privileges within Cremona Congregational Church including the ability to hold any office and to vote at any congregational meeting.
1.   A MEMBER may be removed from the rolls of Cremona Congregational Church at his or her own request or by transfer of membership to another congregation or denomination, or, as in accordance with the Scriptures, for gross misconduct of an unrepentant or continuing nature.
2.   All those in full membership constitute the CONGREGATION of the Cremona Congregational Church.
1.   The GOVERNMENT of Cremona Congregational Church is made up of the OFFICIAL BOARD.  In all matters the CONGREGATION is the final court of appeal.
2.   The OFFICIAL BOARD consists of the Session of Elders, the Board of Stewards, the Nominating Committee, the Pastoral Concerns Committee, the Treasurer, the Secretary and Trustees plus representatives from all other departments of the church. The OFFICIAL BOARD meets twice per year, or more often if deemed advisable, for consideration of matters of joint concern.
3.   The CHAIRMAN of the Congregation:

​(a) Is elected at an Annual General Meeting for a term of 3 years.
(b) Is responsible for conducting all Congregational, OFFICIAL BOARD and Annual General meetings.
(c) Is an ex-officio member of all groups and committees, except the Session of Elders.
​(d) A VICE-CHAIRMAN shall be elected by a simple majority of the OFFICIAL BOARD, from amongst its members, at the first Official Board meeting of the year, following an Annual General Meeting in which a new CHAIRMAN is elected.

(i)     The VICE-CHAIRMAN shall be required to temporarily assume the full official and ceremonial responsibilities of the CHAIRMAN, should said CHAIRMAN be absent or unable to fulfill the duties required, without hindrance to the MEMBER’s other position on the OFFICIAL BOARD.
(ii)     If the CHAIRMAN resigns or no longer qualifies as a MEMBER of the Cremona Congregational Church, and is therefore unable to complete their required term; the VICE-CHAIRMAN shall become the Acting CHAIRMAN, until the election of a new CHAIRMAN at the next Annual General Meeting.
(iii)    Clause 3.d.ii does not, however, preclude the Acting CHAIRMAN from being nominated or elected at said Annual General Meeting, for a full term in any position on the OFFICIAL BOARD, or completion of their previous positionand term.
(iv)   For the duration of their term as Acting CHAIRMAN, the MEMBER assumes full limitations and responsibilities of the CHAIRMAN, regardless of their previous position on the OFFICIAL BOARD and its committees.  A new VICE-CHAIRMAN will then be elected by the OFFICIAL BOARD at the next Official Board Meeting.
(v)    If the VICE-CHAIRMAN resigns or no longer qualifies as a MEMBER of the Cremona Congregational Church, then the OFFICIAL BOARD will elect another from amongst its members, to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.​
(a) Consists of 6 MEMBERS plus the MINISTER
(b) Elders will be elected by the Congregation at an Annual General Meeting for a term of 5 years
(c) A person elected to the Session must be a MEMBER of the Congregation in good standing
(d) has oversight of the spiritual interests of the congregation, including the worship service
(e)  is responsible for maintaining the Historic Roll, plus the Baptismal, Marriage and Burial Rolls, and for receiving and dismissing MEMBERS.
(f)  will elect one of their members to be the Clerk of Session, who will record the minutes of each meeting and deal with correspondence.
(g) The MINISTER is the Chief Elder and Chair of the Session of Elders


(a) Consists of 6 members including the Treasurer.  The Secretary should attend meetings where possible but if not, one of the Board of Stewards will record minutes.   The Trustees could be asked to attend any particular meeting of the Board of Stewards when addition advice or ideas are deemed necessary.  Stewards will be elected at an Annual General Meeting for a term of 3 years.
(b) shall be MEMBERS of the congregation or individuals that are in regular attendance.
(c) The TREASURER and the SECRETARY are elected by the Congregation for 3-year terms.
(d) The Treasurer is responsible for the oversight of the financial records of the Church, maintaining a confidential recording of offerings and reporting financial results to the Board of Stewards and to the Congregation
(e) The Secretary is responsible for maintaining a record book of minutes of all meetings of the Congregation, OFFCIAL BOARD meetings and Board of Stewards meetings 
(f)  will elect a Chairman for the Board of Stewards, separate from the Chairman of the Congregation.
(g)  are responsible for the maintenance and functioning of the building plus the financial affairs of the church.
(h)  should appoint an individual or committee to review the church financial records once a year
(i) The Chairperson of the Board of Stewards and/or a member of the congregation appointed by the Board of Stewards in conjunction with the TREASURER are to prepare a draft of the Minister’s contract each year.  Once the contract is approved by the BOARD OF STEWARDS, it will be presented to the minister by the Chairperson and signed by the Minister and Chairperson.​

6.   The TRUSTEES:

​(a) Consists of 3 MEMBERS of the Congregation.
(b) will be elected at an Annual General Meeting for a term of 5 years.
(c)  exercise the powers of the Congregation in any matters concerning its property.  All decisions concerning the ownership of real or personal property of the Congregation, and/or affecting the liability of the Congregation must be approved in advance at a duly called Congregational
(d) report to the Board of Stewards.


(a) Consists of 3 MEMBERS of the Congregation.
(b) individuals will be elected at an Annual General Meeting for a term of 3 years.
(c) Each year one member is changed and the senior member becomes chairman.
(d) The role of the Nominating Committee is to be aware of the various committee positions and their terms and to seek out suitable individuals willing to serve in the various capacities.
(e) The Nominating Committee will bring their nominations forward to the Annual General Meeting or at other times if so required.


(a) Consists of 3 people: 2 members appointed by the Official Board and 1 person chosen by the Minister.
(b) Meets twice per year: in the spring, and in the fall before the Official Board meeting, or at the request of the Minister.
(c)  The duties of this committee are:
(i) to provide a consultative and supportive resource for the Minister and the Congregation.
(ii) to review the relationship between the Minister and the Congregation.
(iii) to review and evaluate the Minister's effectiveness related to church programming.
(iv) to review the working conditions and remuneration of the Minister and then to pass their recommendations on to the Board of Stewards.
(d) The Minister is not a member of the Pastoral Concerns Committee.
(e) The Pastoral Concerns Committee reports to the Official Board at the meeting held in the last quarter of the year.

9.    Cremona Congregational Church
is a fully participating member of the Congregational Christian Churches in Canada and as such will elect representatives from the congregation who will attend the annual meeting of Conference.

(a) Is to be held within the first 45 days of the year.
(b) Is open to all Members of the Congregational, plus adherents.
(c) Will:   
(i) receive reports from all church committee and groups,
(ii) receive nominations and elect new committee members,
(iii) receive financial reports
(iv) approve a schedule of estimated expenditures for the coming year.
2) Meetings of the Congregation are called by the Minister or the Chairman, either upon personal motion or upon the request in writing of the Official Board, the Board of Stewards, the Session of Elders or 10 Members. When called in this way, the meeting must be held within 30 days of the request.  Notice of such a meeting will specify its purpose and will be read during public worship and inserted in the church bulletin on two consecutive Sundays.
3) Those who are entitled to vote are those people who are Members of the Congregation and, with the consent of the Members, adherents who contribute regularly, attend and support the Church.
4) A quorum for a congregational meeting is 2/3 of the full membership or 20 people, whichever is less.
1.   The Minister is the spiritual leader of the Cremona Congregational Church.
2.  The Minister is to be a member of the congregation.
3.   The Minister is the Chief Elder in the Session and an ex-officio member of all other committees and groups except the Pastoral Concerns Committee.
4.   When there is to be a change in ministers, the Official Board will appoint a Pastoral Relations Committee.  This group will conduct a search, interview potential candidates and present a candidate to the congregation for the position of minister.
5.   The Minister is to be chosen by the members of the congregation at a congregational meeting called especially for that purpose.
1.   This constitution and by-laws can only be amended by a 2/3 majority of those attending and entitled to vote at a congregational meeting called specifically for this purpose of amending the constitution.
2.   Proposed amendments will be made available to the congregation for a period of 30 days before the meeting is held.
1.   As per congregational vote of May 2, 1999:  The Benevolent Fund, developed by the Elders, is controlled by the Minister and/or 3 Elders
2.   The Benevolent Fund can request a special call for funds when the need arises and will not access funds from the general revenues.
1.   We resolve that as a matter of belief, doctrine and religious practice, our congregation reserves the term “marriage” for the covenant relationship between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others.
2.   We resolve that members of our staff or clergy will be allowed to arrange for, officiate at or take part in the solemnization or celebration of a marriage only when it conforms to our congregational statement on marriage.
1.   This congregation reserves the right to rent or all use of these premises only by individuals or groups not incompatible with our goals, values and statements.

Cremona Congregational Church